Concrete Pump Machines

Types Of Concrete Pump For Sale

Concrete pumping is a vital part of any construction. The quality of work is all dependant on the choice of machine to execute the job. A few years ago, investors faced setbacks trying to convey the material from production to the desired location. The need further led to the invention of concrete pumps to do the work. The machine features a storage location to hold the concrete from the point of production. While on the ground, they employ varying ways to discharge the product on a specif area where needed.

Before making options, it is imperative to have a sound understanding of your job. The available choices of concrete pumps all assume a unique performance mode, thus ideal in a specific location. Without the proper knowledge, you are likely to settle for the wrong model, introducing inconveniences to your work. Below is detailed information on the commonly used types of concrete pumps for sale in the construction industry.

diesel trailer concrete pump for sale

Concrete Boom Pump.

The concrete boom pump gets its name from the robotic arm, also called the boom. The machine can come in the form of a truck-mounted pump. Nevertheless, it is the best alternative if you are looking for reliability and durability. The device comes in the form of a truck. The provision is an assurance of smooth movement despite the kind of terrain at hand. You get an opportunity to increase your client coverage within a short period. Its operations are fully automated hence lower operations costs. The robotic arm is flexible to maneuver through varying locations within a building since it can either be elongated or shortened to attain the required distance by the engineers on site.

The provision ensures it can serve large construction sites with a massive demand for concrete. It employs a faster rate of pumping hence meeting needs within the stipulated timing. The purchasing price of concrete pump is relatively high. However, you have an assurance of high returns since its operations are friendly. It can also work alongside a ready-mix truck that delivers the products directly in the pump hopper. The flexibility makes it work efficiently with fewer challenges and time wastage. The machine is user-friendly, and the operator requires a few training sessions to manage it independently. It is durable and can perform despite the weather conditions without interfering o its performance.

Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
Trailer Pump.

The other name for the trailer pump is either line or stationary pump. Unlike the boom version, the trailer can only serve within a specified area for a given duration. Through proper placement, the machine can efficiently deliver concrete to the desired location. However, it can ideally work in a place with average to low demand for the end product. You have to mount it to a trailer for movements to the desired location. It employs hoses that move the concrete to the area.

The choice of concrete pump relies on your business needs and financial capability. Nevertheless, all of them work towards a similar goal but can optimally perform when adequately placed. View more info here:

On Buying A Concrete Pump Trailer For Sale

Are you looking for a concrete pump trailer for sale? There happen to be quite a few on the market at any given time so you have to pick one that you know is going to serve you well. Before you buy this kind of trailer, read on to learn what you should look for in one.

To save a bit of money, you may want to buy a concrete pump trailer that is used. If you’re going to go this route, make sure you ask to see the trailer in person or at least in photos before you agree to pay anything for it. If you notice that there are any issues, ask if you can get the trailer for a lower price if you can take care of the issues yourself. Think of what it will cost to fix it up and then ask for that much money off if they have it at a higher price than what is worth it.

A good seller is going to have a trailer that you know is affordable. This means you’re going to want to shop around a bit to get an idea of who is selling what for what price. Don’t just go with the first pump trailer that you see because it may cost more than what it’s worth and you wouldn’t know that without doing your research in the first place. Be cautious about what you spend your money on and you’re sure to come out of this a happier customer. Check more.

Concrete Pump Trailer

Concrete Pump Trailer

Get an idea of how you’re going to get the concrete trailer pump sent to you if you’re ordering it from someone that is too far away to just bring it to where you are. Since these can be driven on the road on a truck or some other kind of vehicle that can drag it behind it, you can generally get by with paying someone to personally deliver it from afar but it will cost you. If you don’t want to pay a lot for shipping something like this, make plans to pick it up yourself even if you need to travel.

Know how big your concrete pump is so you know if it’s going to work with the trailer you are thinking of getting. Ask the seller if your pump is going to fit comfortably on the trailer and have them give you the measurements of the area where it’s going to be sitting as you use the trailer to haul it. Never go with something that is too small because then there’s no way to get the mobil pompa to fit and you’ll have to generally try to get your money back which can be a pain.

It’s now going to be easier for you to find a great concrete mixer pump for sale. Always do a bit of research before you buy something like this so you’re not getting ripped off in any way. There are plenty of people that are selling great trailers for great prices so shop around and find what will work for you.

The Types Of Concrete Pump Machines

Concrete pumps are pieces of machinery that any construction company needs to have. These machines make it easier to complete construction projects, but only if you have the right type. There are different pumps that you can choose, but they do not all meet your needs. Understanding the different types will help you get the concrete pump that works for your project.

Stationary Concrete Pumps

As the name suggests, these stationary concrete pumps will sit in one position and cannot be moved around your construction site. While this might seem counterproductive, there are many instances where these pumps are the best option. If you do not have hard to reach areas or a small area where the concrete needs to be pumped, this type of pump will be ideal. When looking at these pumps, it is important to note that there are 3 common variations.

The first is the pump with a rock valve. These pumps are generally used for aggregate and large stone. The system will have a valve that shifts from one cylinder to the other to pump the concrete through a single outlet.

The second is a pump system with balls. These pumps have 2 chambers that are separated by steel balls. The concrete cylinder will absorb the pumped material and pass it through a single outlet with a lot of pressure.

Concrete Pump Machine

Concrete Pump Machine

The last is the concrete mixer with pump with an S valve. These are high-pressure pumps and will have a single valve in the pump system.

Boom Pumps

If you have a large construction project, you are going to need a boom pump for sale. This is particularly important if you have hard to reach areas as the arm can get to places stationary pumps cannot. As with stationary pumps, these machines come in many variations and sizes. Get pump details:

The first is the concrete boom truck. As the name suggests, the concrete pump is mounted on a truck for mobility and stability. This is the best pump is you want maximum efficiency and speed. This is also one of the most commonly seen on most construction sites.

Line pumps are the second variation and you will be able to move this pump as you work. While this pump can handle concrete, it is also possible to pump grout, sludge, and mortar. The versatility offered by this concrete pump machine is one of the reasons why it is popular.

Concrete Pump Machine

Concrete Pump Machine

The last variation you need to know about is the stationary boom pump. This is generally used for areas that are too difficult to reach with a truck and other stational pumps. These are large pumps that are mounted to strong frames and used to pour over long distances. There is a lot of setup required for this type of pump and it is generally a last resort.

There are many different types of concrete pumps that you can choose from. Before you make any decisions, you need to know the conditions you are going to work under and match the pump to this. There is no point in getting a pompa semen that does not work on your construction site.