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Intermittent Asphalt Plant Components That You Should Know About

Although most people are aware of what a standard asphalt plants is capable of doing, they may not have heard of intermittent asphalt plants. These are also referred to as a forced asphalt mixing plant in some areas. These are designed to improve upon the aggregate drying process, as well as increase the amount of asphalt that can be delivered. When you are working with cold aggregate material, it is initially prepared, and this is typically done within a drying drum. From that point, it is then delivered to the mixer itself where it will be combined with bitumen, sand, fly ash, and other materials. The intermittency aspect of this asphalt plant is specifically pertaining to its ability to force all of this to go faster. If you are interested in a much more efficient unit, let’s discuss this and the many different intermittent asphalt plant components that are part of this process.

how the asphalt batch mix plant for sale works

how the asphalt batch mix plant for sale works

Why Are These Popular?

To understand the popularity of these intermittent forced mixing plants for asphalt of AIMIX(AIMIX planta de asfalto discontinua), you must look at all of the variables. Initially, you will see that the aggregate drying process has been improved, and there is also a greatly improved way of diminishing the amount of dust that is produced. There are also different modes of operation, including the flame upstream mode, plus it also has a very effective drying system installed. It is because of the intermittent mixing mode, this ratio that can change based upon your parameters, you can improve upon the amount of asphalt produced and delivered.

Are These More Expensive?

Due to the advance capabilities of these systems, they tend to be much more expensive than a standard asphalt mixing plant would be. They may also be in limited numbers. If you are in the market for expanding your business with one of these units, you will want multiple estimates from different businesses that create them. Keep in mind that you will also save money due to the way the mixture materials are prepared. You will save based upon how much energy is used for business operations and powering this entire system. Try this website:

Portable hot mix asphalt plants transport

Portable hot mix asphalt plants transport

Other Benefits Of Using These Units

Primarily due to the automation that is incorporated into these units, you are going to have a higher level of efficiency(mayor nivel de eficiencia) in the asphalt delivery and production. Additionally, the product itself will be of a much higher quality, plus all of the components associated with this unit are state-of-the-art. When you invest in one of these, you will easily see how easy they are to use. They are designed for those that may have very little experience in this particular sector. Fortunately, there are companies that produce these intermittent units that will be very affordable for you and your business.

Intermittent asphalt plant capabilities have improved dramatically over the years. If you have looked at these before, but have not been motivated to make the investment, the time to do so is now. You will find your business expanding rapidly as you advertise and except more jobs that you will be able to handle due to the higher quality of the asphalt(mayor calidad del asfalto) and the accelerated rate at which it can be made within the systems.

Getting An Awesome Asphalt Plant In Malaysia

Before buying an asphalt plant in Malaysia, it pays to figure out what it takes to get the best deal. You don’t want to buy something that is not in good working order or that is not worth the money for other reasons. Since a lot of companies in Malaysia offer asphalt plants, you need to read on to find out how to find the right one.

One thing you can do to save money on an asphalt mixing plant is to try and buy one that has been used. However, you don’t want to buy one that is on its last legs unless you know how to fix it up and make it last you a little longer. There are going to be a lot of used options if you want to go that route so figure out which of them are worth it by looking into what’s wrong with them and then seeing if you can take care of that problem for cheap.

Before you buy an asphalt plant in Malaysia, try your best to find a seller that is near where you are in the area. That way, you can go and pick up the asphalt plant or have it delivered for less than it would cost to ship something like this from a long ways away. You sometimes will have to pay so much in shipping when you buy something from another area that it isn’t worth it in the end so see who you can find locally that has asphalt plants for sale.

A good asphalt plant is going to come with a warranty of some kind so you know that it will work well for you for quite some time. If an asphalt plant comes with a warranty, it means that the maker or the seller of it think that it’s going to last a long time because they generally don’t cover anything that is known to break down and cost them money to take care of. However, accidents can happen and your amp aspal can end up having issues so a warranty is great to have in case of problems.

See what you can learn about a seller in Malaysia that has asphalt plants for sale before you do any business with anyone. You want to know that the company is worth it to do business with so you don’t waste money on bad service and/or a bad product. There are many great companies but sprinkled in with them are sellers and companies that are not that good that should be avoided. Luckily, you can find reviews on the companies and sellers in Malaysia a lot of the time if you just search for them online.

Now you know where to find an asphalt plant in Malaysia for a fair price that is worth the money because it works well. Take your time with this so you for sure get what you are going to be pleased with when all is said and done. Get aimix plant info here.

Production Process For The Asphalt Batch Plant For Sale

Asphalt is an essential paving material used for quite an extended period. Its production involves the homogenous combination of bitumen and aggregates. The end product is usually hot to stick on the roads efficiently. The selection of aggregates depends on the specifications of the road. It can be a single or a mixture of different sizes and qualities. Towards the end of production, there is the addition of mineral filler and binding cement. The primary machine known to execute this work is the asphalt plant. When choosing an asphalt batch plant for sale, you need to comprehend its working mechanism. The knowledge is an assurance that you will pick a suitable device.

asphalt batch plant for sale

asphalt batch plant for sale

The first feature of the asphalt plant on sale is the aggregate feeder. The feeder comprises of different storage bins used to collect the other components. Mixing them can result in contamination since they have varying compositions. Additionally, they react when exposed to the atmosphere. There will be feeding off the cold raw aggregates into the available bins at the same production step. Sufficient stocking ensures there are no delays or disruptions once the machines start operations.

After feeding, follows conveying of the elements into the drying drum. At this part, there is the introduction of limited heat to ensure that the aggregated attain the required temperature. The source of the heat is a burner. It dries the aggregates effectively. The function is made possible due to the positioning of the drum. The components are allowed to flow within the area, allowing for an even distribution of heat freely. The material then proceeds to the next phase.

how the asphalt batch mix plant for sale works

how the asphalt batch mix plant for sale works

The stage involves transferring of the aggregates using a bucket elevator. Once drying, the drum discharges the components into the bucket, enabling the movement to the plant’s upper part. At the very top is a vibrating screen. The unit’s function is to execute screening of the materials to differentiate them in terms of sizes. The device is multilayered. Upon pouring the materials, they undergo vibration, hence continuously falling on the next layer until it is fully separated. The aggregates that do not meet the sizing requirements do not pass past the highest screen. When separation completes, the desirable sizes get channeled to the hot bins for storage.

What follows later is the preparation of other vital materials, bitumen, and filler. The combinations only take place after weighing to acquire accurate proportions. Equipment called hopper weighs and consequently discharges the bitumen to the mixing section. The same happens to the filler. The mixing unit also receives aggregates in accurate proportions and begins the mixing task. It is a thorough process since the output has to be uniform. Upon completion, it redirects the mixture to the storage equipment like silos or trucks. The storage tanks receive heat either through a burner or a supplying tube. The end products must retain the heat for significant construction.

Understanding how the asphalt batch mix plant for sale works makes it easy to handle it whenever on operations. Additionally, you can draft a budget wisely considering the various components included to make up the plant.

Portable Hot Mix Asphalt Plants For Sale In 2019

There are many different models of portable hot mix asphalt plants for sale in the modern era. Automatic drum mix models, for example, are equipped with prewired electronics and advanced PLC control systems for super-fast assembly and commissioning, and simple operation. Some of the best suppliers of mobile hot mix asphalt machines serve the international marketplace and export their machinery all around the globe.

Mobile asphalt mixing plants are designed for small-scale modern construction projects and they are a great investment choice for small to mid-size construction firms that work on multiple short-duration projects in different locations. The plants are ideal for construction companies that want the benefit of being able to manufacture ready-to-use bespoke formulations of asphalt onsite with the requirement to construct any permanent foundations.

Portable hot mix asphalt plants transport

Portable hot mix asphalt plants transport

Portable hot mix asphalt plants have foldable strong legs, which allow for fast plant set up and disassembly. What’s more, the plants are lightweight and made up of separated, but easily connectable modules, making transporting them between different job sites very convenient.

There are now many manufacturers selling asphalt mixing machines mounted onto chassis that have pneumatic braking systems, kingpin adaptors, and junction boxes. The machines are designed to offer the ultimate in portability and are compatible with most tractors and towing devices. Mobile hot mix asphalt mixing plants are ideal for remote road construction projects.

When you first begin searching for asphalt plants for sale online:, you need to be aware that there are multiple different types of plants available. The first choice you have to make is mobile or stationary. The next choice is the pollution control system – bag hose or wet dust collector? Thirdly, you need to choose what type of burner you want. Fortunately, most plants come with burners that are compatible with multiple fuel sources.

Next up you have to decide whether you want a single or dual drum model. Fifthly, you need to make a decision about the type of control system you want – do you want a mixing plant with a PLC control systems and remote controls, or would you prefer a more basic manually controlled machine. There are then dozens of other decisions that you need to make and you need to consider the asphalt production capacities of different models and the total power ratings. Also, be sure not to forget about checking out the accuracy margins on any integrated manual or digital raw material weighing systems.

Hot mix asphalt batch plants for sale

Hot mix asphalt batch plants for sale

As you can see, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration when selecting the right hot mix asphalt plant for your construction company. If you are in doubt as to which model would be the most suited to the asphalt requirements of your business, be sure to take time to contact company representatives from different manufacturers. The representatives will be able to provide you with detailed information about all the different hot mix asphalt batch plants for sale as well as provide you with expert buying advice. An investment in a mobile asphalt mixing plant is likely to be one of the smartest decisions you make for your constriction firm, but you need to make sure you chose the most appropriate model.

The Benefits Of Small Portable Asphalt Plants For Sale

small portable asphalt plant

With the increased demand for infrastructure such as roads in rural and urban areas, small portable asphalt plants are becoming more and more popular in the market. They are the ideal equipment for small scale and medium scale road constructions. The large standard-sized asphalt plants are not only costly, but they are also cumbersome to operate, maintain and transport. This is what led to the introduction of the small portable asphalt plants.

INDONESIA RD105 small portable asphalt plants

The small portable asphalt plants have a small size which makes assembly, disassembly, operation and maintenance easy and seamless. Transportation is also easier since the plants have lightweight and possess portability features. Basically, asphalt plants that have a production capacity of 60t/h and below are regarded as small asphalt plants. Even this production capacity is below that of the standard versions, the small portable asphalt plants are able to fully meet the requirements of small scale road constructions. Such projects don’t usually require the production of large quantities of asphalt at a time.

There are two main types of small asphalt plants in terms of modes of operation; batch and drum mix asphalt plants. The small asphalt batch mix plants produce one batch of hot mix asphalt at a time. One of the main reasons why this type is popular is due to the fact that the specifications of the mix can be modified at any time depending on the requirements of the client or job site.

The drum mix asphalt plant is also referred to as continuous drum mix asphalt plant. All the processes including heating, drying, and mixing of aggregates usually happen in a single drum.

small portable asphalt plant

Why Invest In A Small Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

If you haven’t considered acquiring a small portable asphalt plant for your small scale road constructions, then you are missing out on the use of an important resource on the market.

Low Cost

A small portable asphalt plant is inexpensive. With just a little investment, you can enjoy the wide array of benefits that the equipment offers including a high rate of return.

Quick Installation

Due to its small size and modular design of the small portable asphalt plants, assembly and disassembly is quick and easy. Work on the construction site can begin within a short time after arriving at the site. The small plant doesn’t require the construction of a foundation and this helps to save on time.

small asphalt plant for sale

Cost-Efficient Setup And Operation

The small portable asphalt plant comes with an easy setup feature. In addition, as mentioned above, it doesn’t necessarily require the construction of a concrete foundation. These factors help reduce the labor intensity and time required to set up the plant at the site, learn more about the Operation of the asphalt plant:


Since the plant is lightweight, has a compact design and small occupation area, the plant can be easily transported to and set up in any construction site. You can be able to take up projects even in remote areas that have poor road conditions that would have been otherwise difficult to do if you had a large asphalt plant. In construction sites where space is limited, the small asphalt plant is the best option.