The Benefits Of Small Portable Asphalt Plants For Sale

small portable asphalt plant

With the increased demand for infrastructure such as roads in rural and urban areas, small portable asphalt plants are becoming more and more popular in the market. They are the ideal equipment for small scale and medium scale road constructions. The large standard-sized asphalt plants are not only costly, but they are also cumbersome to operate, maintain and transport. This is what led to the introduction of the small portable asphalt plants.

INDONESIA RD105 small portable asphalt plants

The small portable asphalt plants have a small size which makes assembly, disassembly, operation and maintenance easy and seamless. Transportation is also easier since the plants have lightweight and possess portability features. Basically, asphalt plants that have a production capacity of 60t/h and below are regarded as small asphalt plants. Even this production capacity is below that of the standard versions, the small portable asphalt plants are able to fully meet the requirements of small scale road constructions. Such projects don’t usually require the production of large quantities of asphalt at a time.

There are two main types of small asphalt plants in terms of modes of operation; batch and drum mix asphalt plants. The small asphalt batch mix plants produce one batch of hot mix asphalt at a time. One of the main reasons why this type is popular is due to the fact that the specifications of the mix can be modified at any time depending on the requirements of the client or job site.

The drum mix asphalt plant is also referred to as continuous drum mix asphalt plant. All the processes including heating, drying, and mixing of aggregates usually happen in a single drum.

small portable asphalt plant

Why Invest In A Small Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

If you haven’t considered acquiring a small portable asphalt plant for your small scale road constructions, then you are missing out on the use of an important resource on the market.

Low Cost

A small portable asphalt plant is inexpensive. With just a little investment, you can enjoy the wide array of benefits that the equipment offers including a high rate of return.

Quick Installation

Due to its small size and modular design of the small portable asphalt plants, assembly and disassembly is quick and easy. Work on the construction site can begin within a short time after arriving at the site. The small plant doesn’t require the construction of a foundation and this helps to save on time.

small asphalt plant for sale

Cost-Efficient Setup And Operation

The small portable asphalt plant comes with an easy setup feature. In addition, as mentioned above, it doesn’t necessarily require the construction of a concrete foundation. These factors help reduce the labor intensity and time required to set up the plant at the site, learn more about the Operation of the asphalt plant:


Since the plant is lightweight, has a compact design and small occupation area, the plant can be easily transported to and set up in any construction site. You can be able to take up projects even in remote areas that have poor road conditions that would have been otherwise difficult to do if you had a large asphalt plant. In construction sites where space is limited, the small asphalt plant is the best option.