Crushing Plant Maintenance

The performance of a crushing plant not only depends on its capabilities but the work environment. One of the most vital investments that you can make for this machine is crushing plant maintenance. An excellent energy-saving device will work towards achieving the business goal and also protecting the environment from hazards. Crushing is a tedious and extensive job. The machine breaks down stones of different densities, thus exposure to other sorts of risks. Furthermore, there are also environmental factors that can jeopardize operations. To prevent this from happening, use the following precautionary measures to ensure the crushing plant can optimally perform.


One of the essential models of crushing screening plant maintenance is lubrication. There is a set of machinery that works together to ensure you achieve all your crushing needs. The availability means many moving parts to effectively convey the materials and crush them to the desired sizes. Over time, these parts become dry and start causing damages. The result is more time required to overcome the stones. Also, the machine will use more effort than initially desires. Such performance is not healthy. The best way to cure this problem is through lubricating the relevant parts frequently. The most prominent element is the bearing features. Choose the right kind of grease since there are numerous options in the market. Otherwise, the friction will keep reoccurring translating infrequent losses. Apply the product after every three months. When it’s performing, regularly inspect to ascertain if the part is working as expected or straining.

Daily Inspection.

Another way to undertake crushing plant maintenance is by inspecting the machine daily. The life of a plant presents different types of rocks each day. The provision means you have to also keep up with the inspection and maintenance to eliminate any risks. It might seem like a tedious job, but the approach ensures the machine is always in the required technical condition. The long-term effect is a massive reduction in technical failures that slow down business and cause inconveniences. You also save on costs as the checkup can reveal problems before they become substantial. At that stage, you can opt for immediate repair, which requires minimal time and money. If you opt for monthly inspections, such concerns may escalate and cause the machine to shut down. Set in place measures where daily maintenance is mandatory.

Run In Period Maintenance.

The crushing plants have varying features, including the feeding, conveying, crushing, and discharging system. All these features work in sync to ensure there are normal operations. When the feeding and conveying systems are not engaging, the results are a block and malfunction. It is therefore imperative to check these parts separately. During purchasing, check that the machine can perform as desired before installation. Reputable sellers offer warranties to prevent investors from untimely expenses.

One huge mistake that you should never make is ignoring the minor problems. With time, they escalate into more significant issues that may damage the machine ultimately. Whether you have deadlines or not, inspect the crushing and screening plant daily. The time allocation is sufficient to solve problems immediately they arise, thus an assurance of smooth operations.