How Can You Buy Bridge Cranes for Sale

A bridge crane lifts significant parts of bridges and places them in the right places. This helps to develop bridges faster than before. If you are into constructing bridges and installing them in different parts of the country, you should buy a bridge crane soon. The average price of a bridge is between $25,000 and $30,000. But remember, this price doesn’t include installation costs. Most companies buy bridge cranes available for sale to save a few bucks. They later spend the money saved on installing the trolley, hoist, and bridge.

Buying a bridge crane

There are a few things that affect the price of a bridge crane:

• Maximum rated load or capacity of your crane.
• The span you want to cover under the crane. This refers to the horizontal distance from center to center of the runway rails.
• The speed of the crane.
• The approximate height or required lift of the crane(elevación requerida de la grúa).
• The length of the bay for the crane to traverse if you need a runway.
• Any additional structural requirements that you may need during installation.

Type of bridge crane

What type of crane do you think is most suitable for your job? The answer will decide how much you have to pay for your crane. For example, a 40-foot, 10-ton double-girder bridge crane will cost less than an 80 foot, 20-ton double-girder bridge crane. Therefore, analyze your projects carefully before investing. The cost difference is quite big. Most importantly, don’t buy a small crane just to save a few bucks and later come to know that you needed the bigger model.

Span of the bridge crane

The distance between the runway rails is another crucial factor that decides the final cost of a bridge crane. One of the easiest ways to remember this point is, the longer the span, the more you have to pay because the manufacturers(los fabricantes) require more materials to make the crane girders. The added material also adds to the crane’s weight. Again, analyze your projects before buying the crane. Also, don’t forget to assess the space where you can keep the crane because it requires a considerable area to operate.

Crane’s load capacity

This is the most vital factor of a bridge crane. Always compare the load capacities of different crane models before investing money in one. Manufacturers usually provide on-site consultation, depending on your project. Some of the factors they consider are:

• The average size and weight of the object that the crane will lift.
• The number of below-the-hook lifting devices that the crane will require to lift the objects.
• Whether the crane requires single or double hoist configuration.

Usually, heavy-duty cranes require a double girder construction. It means the crane will have two beams instead of one to make up the bridge. Check the configuration of the beams also. They should have a rigid welded steel box design that offers added reinforcement.

Now that you know everything about bridge cranes, pick one when it becomes available for sale. You will end up saving a lot.

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